“Ahmed urgently needs surgery..."

Ahmed Al Burah is a 4-month-old baby boy from Yemen who has been diagnosed with a Congenital heart defect. Despite his young age, he has already faced numerous challenges and hardships. His family is struggling to pay for his medical expenses and has been forced to sell their belongings and borrow money just to keep him alive.

Ahmed's father is a porter who earns 6-7 thousand Ryials a day, but he sometimes goes home without any money if he doesn't have any work. On top of this, his wife is also suffering from a health condition that requires surgery. Despite these difficulties, the family still needs more funds for Ahmed's X-ray and the surgery he urgently needs.

Ahmed's father feels hopeless and depressed watching his son suffer, but he remains determined to do everything in his power to help. He has already sold all he has, but it is still not enough. The family lives in a rented room in the mountains with limited resources and they struggle every day to make ends meet.

"Every day I cross long miles in search of work to afford the medications for my son. Our life is difficult, but I keep trying my best to do everything for my children." says Ahmed Al Brah's father.

We need your help to save Ahmed. Your donation will go directly towards his medical expenses and provide him with the care he needs to recover and live a healthy life. No child should have to endure such suffering, and with your help, we can make a difference for Ahmed and his family.

"It hurts so much to see your child suffering and you can't do anything. I leave it all to Allah now, whether my son dies or lives." says Ahmed's father.

Together, we can bring hope and happiness back into their lives. Please donate today and help save Ahmed Al Brah.

"I don't want anything but to see my son fine. I pray for him to recover soon." says Ahmed's father.