Help Save Three-Year-Old Zaid’s Life

When you pass a playground on your way to work you can hear the joyous giggles and squeals from a multitude of children at play. Their imaginations running wild as they pretend to be the king of the castle or a beautiful horse running through the fields with friends their own age.

As laughter echoes across the playground, you remember what it was like to be so young with your entire life ahead of you. No financial worries, no 9-5 job, no bills…just imaginative play that helped you grow into the person you are today. 

That is what every child deserves…the opportunity to play; to be silly; to grow and learn surrounded by friends and family. But, unfortunately, for three-year-old Zaid, he has never had the opportunity to run through the grass, roll down a hill, or enjoy the company of kids his own age.

Instead, he lies in a hospital bed alone…struggling to stay alive as his tiny body slowly gives in to malnutrition. At three years of age Zaid should be learning how to kick a soccer ball, playing catch with his friends, and listening to bedtime stories as his parents tuck him in at night but Zaid has struggled for so long that his body is only the size of a small baby.

Born and raised in a small village plagued by poverty, Zaid’s parents did not have the means to care for themselves let alone a new born child but there was nowhere to turn for help. No social services system, no food banks, no hospital care and what was to follow is truly devastating.

As sickness spread through the household, Zaid’s father soon lost his life due to illness with his mother becoming so weak due to a lack of food and water, her only option was to lie on the cold floor of their hut struggling to breathe with Zaid at her side. 

Without help, both would soon succumb to starvation but thankfully, Zaid’s cousin Rema Saleh saw the young boy quickly fading away and despite struggling with her own poverty, raised enough funds to have Zaid admitted to a hospital.

“His mother lies in her hut, coughing up blood. His father has already passed”, says 21 year old Rema Saleh, Zaid’s cousin who has taken it upon herself to see Zaid taken care of.
“My husband and I are also poor, also sick. When we saw Zaid was about to die, we had to do something.”

Today, Zaid struggles every day to get the nutrition he needs to survive. His frail body so weak from years of malnutrition that it is heartbreaking to see. This young boy has fought for his life since birth but today, with your support, we can ensure Zaid and his mother get the support they need to not only survive…but thrive and change the poverty cycle in their family.

100% of your generous donations will go directly towards ensuring this sweet little boy has the opportunity to grow and play and finally become the outgoing sweet little boy he is inside. Your support will help cover the following expenses:

  • On-going and past medical expenses including medications, treatments, etc.
  • Hospital bills for ongoing care
  • Past debt related to Zaid’s ongoing medical issues

Your generosity also helps to set the family up to have hope for their future by providing them with opportunities for self-sustainability. Whether by financing work tools to allow members of the family to secure gainful employment; a vehicle for the family earners to get to and from work; secure shelter or any other means that will help the family thrive and better their current situation.

We believe that there is no greater mission than bringing comfort and care to those who are suffering. We are a small team of individuals who have come together with a singular vision: to bring relief to those in need and you can help.

Every donation no matter how big or how small helps Zaid and his family get the medical care they deserve and provides them with hope for their future. You can help end the cycle of poverty for Zaid and ensure that one day soon he can finally express his imagination, play in a park, toss a ball with his friends, and simply enjoy being a child.

“Zaid lives in a tent and has no food, no nutrition, no medicine, no shelter. Just like everybody in the village. I just want him to stand. He hasn’t gotten up. He has been like this for a year. Please - I ask anybody with goodness in their heart to help this poor child before he dies. Even a single meal would help him get better. They will all die otherwise.” - Rema Saleh

We cannot thank you enough for your generosity and ask that you also please share this campaign with your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers so that together we can save Zaid and bring hope to his future!