Help Save Basam Al-Naham from Malnutrition and Cancer

Basam Al-Naham is a four-year-old boy from Yemen who is currently fighting for his life. He was diagnosed with cancer a year ago and has been undergoing chemotherapy sessions since then. His family has sold all their possessions, including their gold, and borrowed a large sum of money to pay for his treatment. However, they can no longer afford the cost of his treatment, and they are desperate for help.

Basam's mother, who lives alone with him in Sana'a while her husband works in their village, is doing everything she can to save her child. She has sold her possessions, including their cattle, to pay for Basam's treatment. Despite all these efforts, they still cannot afford the treatment that Basam needs to survive. His mother is deeply concerned that her child might not make it.

They live in a small house with no furniture, and their food consists of some bread with tea. They cannot afford to buy nutritious food, which is essential for Basam's health. His father works as a construction worker, and the family barely makes ends meet. His mother is in desperate need of help to save her child's life.

Basam's case is critical, and time is running out. He requires urgent medical treatment that his family cannot afford. With your help, we can provide him with the necessary medical care and save his life.

Please donate today to help Basam Al-Naham fight for his life. Your contribution will give him a chance at survival and ensure that his family is not burdened by debt. Your donation will go a long way in easing the financial burden on this family and giving Basam a fighting chance at life. Thank you for your support.