"I cannot express my joy and gratitude for what Umma Relief has done..."

Thanks to our loyal donors, the visit to Dar Salm area has made a huge impact in the lives of Bayan Hassan Majdal Al-Nashri and her family. The generous donations from the donor campaign have helped provide for Bayan and her family’s needs in the following ways:  

1. Rent for the family home for the year has been covered.

2. Basic needs for the baby, such as milk, diapers, and clothes have been taken care of.

3. A motorcycle has been bought for the head of the family in order to help meet the needs of the family.

4. Furniture for the home, such as mattresses, blankets, and clothes have been bought.

5. A gas cylinder was bought.

6. All hospital bills have been paid.

Bayan Hassan's family was extremely grateful for the donations and all of the support they received. During the visit, Bayan's father, Hassan Meqdad Al-Nashuri, expressed his immense gratitude for the donations. He stated that it had been a difficult eight years for the family, and that the motorcycle would help him to provide for his daughter. He was also thankful for the help from the hospital, as his wife had been very ill at the time.

Bayan's mother, Rital, was also incredibly grateful for the donations and all of the support they received. She thanked God for blessing her daughter, and expressed her immense gratitude to the donor campaign, asking that God reward them with goodness.

The donations given by the donor campaign have made an immense difference in the lives of Bayan and her family. Thanks to the generous donations, the family can now afford their basic needs, such as rent and food, and they have been able to purchase items that they desperately needed, such as furniture, clothes, blankets, and a motorcycle. This has allowed the family to provide for themselves and to have a more secure future.

The donation campaign for Bayan Hassan Majdal Al-Nashri was an immense success, and it has made a huge difference in the lives of Bayan and her family. We are incredibly grateful for the generous donations and all of the support that we have received, and we would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of this campaign.

Thank you for your support in helping Bayan. With your help, we were able to make a difference in her life.

However, there are still thousands of people in need of help. At umma relief, we are committed to helping as many people as possible, and we need your ongoing support to do so.