“If We Had Food, Enan Wouldn’t Be Starving To Death...”

Sunken cheeks, swollen bellies, and skinny ribs - all the telltale signs of a man-made crisis are affecting thousands of children like Enan. Now add harsh living conditions, unaffordable food prices, and the constant burden of fearing for their children’s future and you have what experts call Yemen “Hell on Earth”.

"This is really difficult to see him in pain like this. He suffers from severe malnutrition. We have been trying to treat Enan for 6 months, going from hospital to hospital. In the end the doctors decided he needs to have surgery for his intestines.
All praise to God he got a little better after the surgery. But the doctors decided to discharge him today, because our debt has piled up and we cannot afford to pay the hospital expenses anymore. His father doesn't have anything, and already sold his mother's gold that she inherited to pay for the treatment.

Enan’s mother gets sick seeing him like this, that he can die in her hands. Knowing that right now there's no food, no nutrition, no medicine to help Enan...

"If the medicine he needed was in our bodies, we would give it to him I personally have never seen anyone worse than him. And it breaks my heart seeing him like this, knowing we can’t help him unless we get help.”

Forced to sell everything that his family owns, and borrowing over $5,000 to help this innocent soul, Enan and his family are currently back in their village, hours away from the hospital, dependent on the humanitarian aid they receive to save his life.

To make the situation worse, the assistance that Enan and thousands of children just like him rely on for their survival is threatened by a critical gap in funding, which has already forced most organizations to scale back its life-saving cash assistance programs over the past few months.

Unfortunately stories like Enan Fouad and other children across the war-torn country are all but too common.

Yemen remains the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, with some 24 million people requiring aid and nearly 2.2 million children that are acutely malnourished. If not treated on time, these children are 11 times more at risk of dying than healthy children.

Then came the arrival of COVID-19, and the Ukrainian war, which poses a high threat to distressed people like Enan, given that many families in the same situation don’t have any resources to sustain themselves and guard against infection and starvation. Most Yemenis barely have access to nutritious food, live in unsanitary, overcrowded conditions, further exacerbating the problem.

With only at best half of the country’s health facilities currently operational, many of those requiring medical attention and nutritious food would be unable to access it let alone afford it.

Don't let children like Enan have their prayers and hopes go unanswered. Please help to save enan and other Yemeni children’s lives today before they die without the help they deserve, help that you can give them now