“The doctors say that without the proper nutrition, my child will die.”

Khadjiha Jaber used to smile when she heard the neighborhood children playing in the street. Now she cries, because it reminds her of what her son has lost. At just 16 months old, Ayham Jaber can no longer walk, he can’t smile or laugh or play. In fact, he’s struggling just to say alive.

“My son was once like any other boy. He was learning to walk and getting very good at it! But now - he is too weak. We are here at the hospital, the doctors say that without the proper nutrition, my child will die.”

Life has been hard for the Jaber family, and these past few months have been ever worse.

“My husband finds work wherever he can. When he is lucky, he brings home $9 in a day. All of that has to go to the Hospital to pay for treatment. It goes towards medicine, milk, food, treatment, tests, everything. We are left with nothing.”

The sacrifice would be worth it if it guaranteed Ayham’s safety. However, things aren’t going so well.

“Even though we are giving everything we have, it is still not enough. We always run out of money before Ayham recovers. Then we are forced back home where the conditions are even worse.”

Khadjiha is talking about her home, which is just a single room shared with 11 others. There is no place to cook, no place to bathe or to go to the bathroom. In Ayham’s condition, it’s not a good environment.

Every $9 we raise is another day of recovery.

Ayham doesn’t need much. The medicine and food is cheap enough by western standards. But to the Jaber family it seems impossible.

So what if we all came together?

$9 buys a day of recovery for Ayham. $18 buys two days. Imagine if every single one of us donated just a few dollars to save this child’s life.

“To anybody who can help us - May God grant you wealth and compensate you, and add barakah to your wealth and children, May Allah make your work easy. Thank you.”