"Starving for half his life, Hassan hasn’t had a good meal in 7 years"

It’s going to take a big push to save Hassan Razin, but together we can do it!

"I feel like my heart has been ripped out whenever I see him. There is no money left to pay for treatment. We’re cursed to sit here hopeless, watching him get sick day to day until we lose him."

As a 12 year old boy, Hassan should weigh between 60lb and 120lb. He weighs less than 20lb - the weight of a 1 year old baby.

“We can’t even afford the cab to get to the hospital. A donor gave us $150. That got us here. Now we have no money to stay.”

Our organization has given Hassan a few more weeks to live - but without your help he is doomed to suffer like this until he dies.

Each donation of just $30 will give him another day at the hospital. If we all come together - we can bring him back from the edge of death.