Give Security to Orphans, Sponsor Vulnerable Children this Ramadan!

With over 153 million orphans worldwide, Ramadan is the perfect time to show them the love and kindness that has been missing in their lives. Support Umma Relief and provide them with all they need for a brighter future!

They Deserve a Future

With an estimated 5,700 children becoming orphaned each day, Ramadan offers us a special opportunity to do something that will provide them with a platform for success and in return your efforts will be rewarded multiple times over during this blessed time. 

At Umma Relief we believe every child deserves to feel supported and safe. We help children to find their way in life by providing them with the education, healthcare, and social support needed for them to grow into productive adults. By supporting us this Ramadan, you can ensure that vulnerable children around the world receive the care they should never have been deprived of.

What Do They Need?

At Umma Relief we believe that every child should have access to the resources they need to thrive. Through the support of donations like yours, we can help them to break the poverty cycle by providing each child with the skills, tools, and essential services needed to become productive adults in their communities.

In particular, we will provide them with the educational opportunities they need to ensure that their hard work can offer them a pathway to success. Through school bags, to schools, to success, in 8 different countries. Education is their platform to a brighter future!