How are donations to Umma Relief spent?

Umma Relief works hard to ensure that every penny is spent in the most effective way possible, because we are accountable to our donors and to people in need all around the world. Our overseas affiliates receive institutional funding that can grow your gift further and increase the power of your donation. Furthermore, a significant amount of our work is done by generous and hard-working volunteers who donate their time to stretch your dollars even farther.

Which countries does Umma Relief work in?

Umma Relief currently provides aid in Morocco, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon & Philippine. We are working hard to grow and help as many people in as many locations as we can. See our What we do section for more details.

Do you accept in-kind donations?

We unfortunately are not accepting in-kind donations at the moment. However, we are working in implementing them soon.

Can I use my donations as a tax deduction?

We have a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS. Our tax ID number is 86-3883211. It is best to consult with your tax adviser to learn how you may be able to use your donation as a tax-deduction.

How can I be sure donations will go to the country/fund I have requested?

Umma Relief tracks contributions according to various restrictions. The first restriction is usually by country. For example, if you specify Yemen in the contribution, your donation would go toward our Yemen based projects. However, it wouldn't be limited to a specific project category unless you request otherwise (such as world hunger, water access, orphans and so forth). We ask our donors to indicate which country they would like their contribution to benefit.

I want to give money to wherever it is most needed. Which fund should I choose?

You may donate to our Where Needed Most fund. Money from this fund may be used for any project.

How do I know my donation actually had in impact?

Every donor receives regular updates by e-mail on the projects he/she contributed to.