Water Changes Everything this Ramadan,
Provide a Lifeline to Those Suffering

Millions around the world are suffering without access to clean water around the world. Your generosity during this blessed time can help provide communities with this lifesaving essential resource. 

Water is a
Human Right

Could you imagine breaking your fast without clean water? After a day without water, to only have dirty water to drink? For over 770 million people around the world, that is their everyday struggle. This Ramadan, you can change that. You can be the reason they don’t have to search for clean water.

Clean water is more than something you can gift this Ramadan, it’s a basic human right. We need clean water to survive as humans. Think about how many times a day you require water, for cooking, cleaning, drinking, bathing. Now imagine your life without it? 

No-one should have to fear drinking contaminated water and facing life-threatening diseases. Unfortunately, with one in ten people lacking access to clean water, it’s a crisis that we have to tackle together this Ramadan!

Addressing the
Water Crisis

We work directly with the people who live in water-scarce communities to find a solution that works best in each location. Wells, piped systems, BioSand Filters, and/or a system for harvesting rainwater are some of the ways we are bringing clean safe water to communities in need. With every water point we fund, our partners coordinate sanitation and hygiene training and establish a local Water Committee so that everyone can keep their water flowing for years to come.

Umma Relief is committed to providing sustainable solutions for the betterment and development of these communities. Addressing their water needs goes a long way to ensuring that they can remove a key struggle in their lives and improves their daily lives and health immeasurably.