No-One Should Go Hungry,
Send Food Aid to Yemen and Lebanon

With food scarcity and poverty growing over the last three years, the situation facing undernourished people in Yemen and Lebanon is worsening. Send food aid with Umma Relief to those in need!

Give Them Hope

Everyday, we are remindedof how fortunate we are to have access to an abundance of food without daily struggles.

In Yemen and Lebanon, millions of people face the threat of famine due to conflict, climate change, and economic shocks. The rising prices of essential goods have added to the challenges, making it difficult for families to survive.

At Umma Relief, our commitment lies in providing assistance to those in need, and we are actively working to expand our efforts to other countries in the future. Your generous donations can make a significant impact by providing vital food baskets to Yemen and supporting our Bakery project in Lebanon. By extending food aid to these nations, we can contribute to setting them on a path towards sustainable development.

Investing in a Sustainable Future

By providing over 5,000+ food baskets to families in need, we are reducing and eliminating hunger and undernutrition, thereby improving the quality of life and health of underserved communities.

Our upcoming farm project promises a reliable source of food and income for communities in need. Soon to be a reality, this sustainable solution will bring hope for a brighter future.