Do No Harm

Upholding the Principle of 'Do No Harm'

At the heart of UMMA Relief's operations lies a steadfast commitment to the principle of 'do no harm.' Our primary objective is to assist those in need, ensuring that our interventions are always beneficial, without any form of discrimination, and expecting nothing in return.

We are acutely aware that many of our initiatives unfold in intricate, fragile, or conflict-ridden settings. External interventions, even with the best intentions, can sometimes interact with local contexts in unpredictable ways.

UMMA Relief's 'Do No Harm' Commitment:

  1. People-Centric Approach: We prioritize the safety, dignity, and rights of the individuals we serve, extending our care to their families and broader communities.
  2. Community Harmony: We strive to ensure our interventions do not disrupt the social fabric, relationships between groups, or the dynamics between communities and governing bodies.
  3. Environmental Stewardship: Recognizing the intrinsic link between people and their environment, we ensure our operations do not harm the natural world.
  4. Economic Sensitivity: We are mindful of local markets and sustainable livelihoods, ensuring our interventions bolster, rather than disrupt, local economies.

Beyond immediate relief, UMMA Relief is dedicated to addressing the root causes of insecurity, risk, and inequality. We aim to bolster local and national services, governance structures, and ensure our interventions complement rather than replace existing systems, preserving the bond between communities and their governing bodies.

To ensure our efforts remain beneficial, UMMA Relief adopts a context-sensitive approach, tailoring our interventions to the unique needs and dynamics of each community.

Furthermore, UMMA Relief adheres to the globally recognized humanitarian principles of:

  1. Humanity: Recognizing and upholding every individual's right to live with dignity and acknowledging our collective responsibility to alleviate suffering.
  2. Impartiality: Responding to needs without bias or discrimination.
  3. Neutrality: Operating without favoring any group, especially in conflict scenarios.
  4. Independence: Ensuring our humanitarian endeavors remain autonomous, free from political, economic, or military influences.

Our commitment to these principles ensures that our operations not only bring relief but also foster trust, respect, and lasting positive change.

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