Empower Change, One Fund at a Time

Every dollar raised brings us closer to realizing our mission of supporting children in Yemen, Egypt, Lebanon, and Morocco. At UMMA Relief, we recognize the monumental impact of collective effort. By fundraising for us, you not only support our initiatives but also inspire others to join the cause.
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How You Can Fundraise:

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Host Charity Events or Auctions

Whether it's a gala dinner, a local bake sale, or an auction of donated items, events are a fantastic way to rally your community around our cause while raising crucial funds.

Online Crowdfunding Campaigns

Platforms like GoFundMe, Kickstarter, or JustGiving offer simple ways to share your fundraising campaign. Tell our story, share your passion, and watch as the digital community lends its support.

Local Businesses for Sponsorship

Approach restaurants, stores, or corporations in your area. Many businesses are keen to support charitable causes, either through direct sponsorship or by hosting fundraising events.

Why Fundraise for UMMA?

Direct Impact

Every penny raised translates into tangible aid, whether it's food, education, water access, or emergency relief.


Fundraising initiatives foster community spirit, bringing people together for a shared cause.


Your efforts shine a spotlight on the challenges faced by children in our focus regions, making you a beacon of hope and an UMMA ambassador for change.

Ready to be the change?

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