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Our mission is to combat malnutrition and world hunger through immediate relief and sustainable solutions. As we continue to grow, we are committed to expanding our efforts to address other pressing issues such as access to clean water and education.



Umma Relief brings hope to those in need, currently serving Yemen and Lebanon, and expanding to Egypt, Morocco, and Syria. Join us as we bring aid to more communities.



Umma Relief's mission goes beyond relief. We're building sustainable solutions, like our malnutrition, bakery, farm and food basket projects, to help communities thrive. More to come.

Providing solutions where it's needed most.

We have witnessed the misery of poverty and we're committed to serving each family. We assist with medical care and finding solutions, including long-term care. We work with local partners to identify emerging needs and coordinate responses, delivering aid where it's needed most.

World Hunger

Helping people suffering from undernutrition, particularly in emergencies related to conflict and natural disasters.

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Water Access

Water is a fundamental right and the access of populations to drinking water and sanitation is one of our main priorities.

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Change the lives of children by providing them with food, safety, health care, counseling, and education so that they can escape abuse and exploitation.

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Zakat is more than just a duty, it’s an opportunity to remember those less fortunate than ourselves and provide relief to our Umma!

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Natural Disaster

Helping millions of people are being displaced because of climate change, rising sea levels, and extreme weather events.

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Girls & Women

Women and girls are particularly vulnerable to the effects of humanitarian crises, leaving women and girls vulnerable to violence, exploitation, and abuse.

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Helping populations in crisis by giving access to medical supplies & procedure, while setting up prevention and healthcare programs.

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Education is a right that shouldn't be denied to anyone. Yet, an estimated 200 million children in developing countries are out of school.

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"Making a difference in YEMEN: UMMA RELIEF'S Food Basket Project"

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