Mohamed Fadl

Age :

13 Months Old

Condition :


Location :

🇾🇪 Yemen

In Zabeed, Yemen, Ameena Abdu's one-year-old son, Mohammed Fadhl Haidar, has been battling illness since birth.

"He is always sick. He always has fever and keeps vomiting," Ameena shares.

Despite the challenges, she remains hopeful, especially after seeing some improvement in Mohammed's condition due to milk and medications.

The family's financial situation is dire. Ameena and her husband have sold everything they could to afford Mohammed's treatment.

"We borrowed money and sold everything because I wanted my child to get better," she says.

Yet, they still struggle to afford Mohammed's medications and other necessities.

Ameena's husband is constantly searching for work, but jobs are scarce. Their meals are simple, often consisting of bread, rice, potatoes, and salad. Luxuries like milk or juice are rare and only possible when the father has money.

Ameena's greatest wish is for her son Mohammed to get better and for her husband to have a steady job.

"I just ask God a place for me and my children and food and drinks. And I ask God to give us good health," she says.

Despite the hardships, Ameena remains hopeful and grateful.

"God is so generous. God gives us from nowhere," she says.

She is also thankful for the philanthropists who have helped them with the operation cost and other expenses.

Ameena's story is a testament to a mother's love and resilience in the face of adversity.

"There is nothing you can compare to the mother's feelings. She is ready to sell anything to get her child treatment," she says.

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