Lend a Hand, Make a Lasting Difference

Every journey towards creating a brighter future begins with a single step. At UMMA Relief, that step is taken by dedicated individuals like you who choose to volunteer. Join our family of compassionate changemakers and make an indelible impact in Yemen, Egypt, Lebanon, and Morocco.
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Ways You Can Volunteer:

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On-the-Ground Assistance

Be on the frontline of change. Help distribute essential supplies, assist in educational programs, or work directly in our water access projects

Remote Support

Can't be physically present? No problem! Offer your skills in digital marketing, content creation, fundraising, or any other domain that supports our mission from afar.

Awareness and Advocacy

Host community events, workshops, or talks to raise awareness about the issues faced by children in our focus regions. Be a voice that calls for action.

Why volunteer for UMMA?


Acquire new skills, experience different cultures, and foster a deeper understanding of global issues.


Connect with like-minded individuals, both locally and internationally, who share your passion for making a difference.


See firsthand the transformative power of your efforts. Your dedication can change the trajectory of a child's life.

Ready to be the change?

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