Healing Minds, Building Resilience

The scars of conflict and hardship aren't always visible. In Yemen, Egypt, and Lebanon, many children bear the weight of trauma and stress. UMMA Relief recognizes the critical importance of mental well-being and is dedicated to supporting the emotional and psychological health of these young souls.
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Up to 20%

of children and adolescents suffer from a debilitating mental disorder.

1 in 5

children and adolescents in conflict zones experience post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD).


of children and adolescents in low-income countries don't have access to mental health services.

Our "Mental Health" initiative encompasses:

Providing counseling and therapy sessions for children affected by trauma.
Organizing workshops and group activities to foster community support and resilience.
Collaborating with local mental health professionals to ensure children receive the care they need.

Contribute to our mission to heal young minds