Sanction Policy


I. Introduction

This policy outlines the standards and procedures for ensuring compliance with ethical, legal, and operational guidelines of Our Umma Inc. DBA "Umma" and "Umma Relief"

II. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
The organization commits to adhering to all relevant local and international laws, particularly those governing non-profit operations and humanitarian aid.

III. Ethical Standards

A strict code of conduct is established, prohibiting corruption, discrimination, and any form of unethical behavior.

IV. Financial Transparency and Integrity

Robust financial controls and transparency are mandatory, with regular audits and public disclosure of financial statements.

V. Partnership and Collaboration Vetting

All partners and collaborators undergo thorough vetting to ensure alignment with the organization’s mission and values.

VI. Response to Violations

A clear process for reporting, investigating, and addressing violations is defined, with sanctions ranging from warnings to termination of partnerships and legal action.

VII. Regular Review and Policy Updates

The policy is reviewed annually and updated as necessary to reflect changes in laws, best practices, and organizational needs.

VIII. Training and Awareness

Regular training programs are conducted to ensure all members are aware of and understand the policy.

IX. Implementation and Enforcement

Specific roles and responsibilities for policy enforcement are assigned, with a dedicated committee overseeing implementation.

X. Conclusion

A reaffirmation of the commitment to uphold high standards in all aspects of the organization’s operations.

This is a basic framework and should be further developed with detailed legal and operational specifics unique to "Our Umma Inc." It's recommended to consult with legal and policy experts to create a fully comprehensive and applicable policy.

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