Every Loaf Counts

In regions marred by conflict and poverty, a single loaf of bread can mean the difference between hunger and hope. At UMMA Relief, we're committed to ensuring that no child goes to bed with an empty stomach.
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Up to 50%

of families' income is spent solely on bread.

Up to 200%

increase in bread prices in conflict regions, making it a luxury


Decline in wheat production, for every 1°C increase in temperature

Every day, our teams work tirelessly, distributing bread in the hardest-hit areas of Yemen, Egypt, and Lebanon. Through our Bread Daily initiative, we aim to:

Provide consistent bread supplies to children and their families.
Collaborate with local bakeries to boost production and create employment opportunities.
Educate communities on the importance of bread as a staple food and its nutritional value.

A small contribution can feed a child for days