Our history

Be a part of our mission to provide immediate assistance to children in crisis worldwide.

At the core of UMMA Relief lies a blend of global experiences, a passion for technology, and a deep-rooted desire to make a difference. Born out of the bustling world of New York real estate, our team comprises marketing experts who have lived and worked in various corners of the world. These diverse experiences have not only shaped our worldview but also instilled in us a profound understanding of the challenges many face daily.

UMMA Relief's dedicated Yemen team: On the ground, making a difference where it's needed most.

Our founding team, with their rich heritage from Egypt, Syria and Morocco, embodies the spirit of global citizenship. While their origins provided an initial spark, the mission of Umma Relief transcends borders. We believe in helping hands that reach out, irrespective of geographical or cultural boundaries.

"Where expertise meets empathy."

Our approach is distinctively tech-oriented. Drawing from our backgrounds, we harness the power of technology to find sustainable solutions. It's not just about providing immediate aid; it's about creating systems and solutions that have a lasting impact.

In essence, UMMA Relief is a testament to what's possible when expertise meets empathy. We're not just another aid organization; we're a group of individuals committed to bringing about tangible change, driven by our shared experiences and unified by our vision of a better world.

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