Crafting a Legacy, Fostering Hope for Generations

The impact of generosity can transcend lifetimes. With Legacy Giving, you have the power to weave your benevolence into the future, ensuring that children in Yemen, Egypt, Lebanon, and Morocco continue to receive the support they need for years to come. At UMMA Relief, we honor and cherish the forward-looking vision of our legacy donors.
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Ways to Embark on Legacy Giving:

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Wills and Bequests

Allocate a portion of your assets or a specific sum in your will to UMMA Relief. Such bequests stand as a testament to your enduring commitment to children in need.

Stocks or Real Estate

Contribute stocks, bonds, or real estate as a legacy gift. These can be a tax-efficient way to give and ensure your resources have lasting impact.

Life Insurance Policies

Name UMMA Relief as a beneficiary in your life insurance policy. This allows you to make a substantial charitable gift, often at a comparatively modest cost.

Benefits of Legacy Giving:


Your gift becomes a beacon of hope, ensuring sustained assistance and support for generations of children.

Tax Benefits

Many forms of legacy giving offer significant tax advantages, benefiting both the donor and UMMA Relief.


By choosing legacy giving, you embed your values and compassion into the future, ensuring your dedication to the cause is remembered and revered.

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