Nojoom Abdulraqeeb

Age :

7 Months Old

Condition :


Location :

🇾🇪 Yemen

In the heart of Yemen, amidst the harsh realities of life, a seven-month-old girl named Nojoom Abdulraqeeb is fighting a battle of her own - malnutrition. Her mother, burdened by their dire circumstances, is desperate for help.

Nojoom's condition is a direct result of the family's poor material status.

"She is suffering from malnutrition because of our inabilities to buy her things she requires besides breastfeeding. We really don’t have," her mother shares with a heavy heart.

The family's sole income comes from Nojoom's father, who works on a rented motorbike. However, the income is meager and barely covers their daily needs, let alone the cost of Nojoom's medical care.

"Every day, he goes home crying and complaining about the second-hand motorbike, that he goes home empty-handed," her mother says.

Nojoom's health has been deteriorating for two months. Despite their best efforts, her parents have been unable to afford the CT scan that doctors have recommended.

"I have been trying for three months to get money to do my daughter the CT Scan, but I really could not do it," her mother confesses.

The family's living conditions are far from ideal. They live in a rented house, with the constant worry of paying the rent. Their meals are simple and repetitive, consisting of beans for breakfast, rice for lunch, and peas for dinner.

"This is what we always eat, we can't afford changing it," her mother says.

Despite the hardships, Nojoom's mother remains hopeful.

"I hope if there is a philanthropist to get me what I need and what my family need, and to help me look after my sick poor child," she says.

Your donation can make a real difference in Nojoom's life. It can help cover the cost of her CT scan, provide her with the necessary medical care, and improve her living conditions. Remember, every little bit helps.

As Nojoom's mother says, "I really lost hope, and I was praying God to send me anyone to help me pay for the CT Scan so that doctors can know and treat my daughter."

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