Mohamed Basim

Age :

7 Years Old

Condition :


Location :

🇾🇪 Yemen
It’s going to take a big push to save Mohamed Basim, but together we can do it!

This is the story of a child who started with nothing - and then he lost even more. With your help, this story can have a good ending. It could be the story of a child who was saved by generous strangers.

“Mohamed Basim’s family lives in a mountainous village, where everything is hard and far - you can’t find even the necessities of life, everything is hard.”

Born into a literal warzone, food and work were hard to come by. Basim’s parents did everything they could but just like most other Yemenis it wasn’t enough.

“As you can see, My nephew is barely getting by. There is just enough money to keep death away, but not enough food to stay healthy. I would give anything to see this child smile again.”

There’s one major problem:

Now Basim has cancer, which made the malnutrition even worse.
“The malnutrition got worse when he started chemotherapy. He lost his appetite and can only eat or drink with a feeding tube. It’s like he’s no longer alive. His father can’t bear to look at him - he is back home working hard to pay for the treatment while he’s here.”

Basim’s already had three surgeries and undergone 30 chemotherapy sessions. The treatment seems to be never ending and it’s hell for a 7 year old to undergo.

They have nothing. We can help.

“I won’t be happy until the smile is returned to his face. I wish he could go back to how he was before. Walking and talking and laughing. We wish that he goes back to his old self.”
“May Allah grant them goodness, whoever helps Mohamed.”

For just $15 you can give Mohamed Basim another day of treatment, and $100 buys him a week. Anything you can spare will help save his life.