Malak Abdullah

Age :

15 Months Old

Condition :


Location :

🇾🇪 Yemen

At just a year and three months old, Malak is fighting a battle against malnutrition. Her family, living in Al-Hothili, is struggling to afford the necessary medical expenses and even the rent of their home.

Malak's family is in debt to people who have tried to help them. Her father sells frozen water for a living, but it's not enough to cover the expenses of their family of 15, let alone the medical costs for Malak's treatment.

Doctors have been unable to diagnose Malak accurately due to the high costs of necessary tests, such as an X-ray that costs more than her family could ever afford. The family has sold everything they have for Malak's treatment, but it's still not enough.

In the face of such adversity, Malak's grandmother, who is currently caring for her, remains hopeful.

"All I want is that my granddaughter gets better. We don't want to eat or drink anymore; all we want is her health to recover," she says.

The family is in desperate need of help. They are hopeful that a benefactor will come forward to provide the necessary funds for Malak's treatment.

"We wish for anything that could save this poor child," Malak's grandmother pleads.

Your donation can make a real difference in Malak's life. It can provide the necessary medical tests and treatment to help her recover from malnutrition. It can bring hope to a family that has been struggling for so long. Please consider donating today. Your contribution can change Malak's life.