Shamah Abdulrahman

Age :

2 Years Old

Condition :


Location :

🇾🇪 Yemen

Meet Shamah Abdulrahman, a two-year-old girl from Yemen who is fighting for her life against malnutrition and meningitis.

"She wasn't that weak before, she was walking, talking, calling everybody. Then she started to get worse" according to her mother.

Despite the best efforts of her parents and medical professionals, Shamah's health has continued to decline, and she now requires intensive care in the hospital.

Unfortunately, Shamah's family is struggling financially and has been unable to afford the medical care that she desperately needs. They have already incurred significant debts and are at risk of losing everything they have worked for if they can't come up with the money to pay for Shamah's treatment. That's why we are launching this donation campaign to help raise funds for Shamah and her family, and give her a chance to recover and thrive.

Shamah wasn't always this sick.

"She was OK until we brought her here... They said after that that she's suffering from malnutrition."

The combination of malnutrition and meningitis has taken a toll on Shamah's health. She has experienced convulsions and other symptoms, and has required multiple hospital stays and procedures to try to stabilize her condition. Despite the efforts of her caregivers, Shamah's prognosis remains uncertain, and her family lives in fear that they will lose her at any moment.

Shamah's family is facing an uphill battle as they try to pay for her medical care.

"Her father would go to the village to borrow some money from anyone who could lend him... as long as the father doesn't have a job, people in the village would help him and never let him down."

The family lives in a small house with a small kitchen and bathroom, and they lead a simple life. They are grateful for what they have, but they worry constantly about how they will pay for Shamah's treatment and keep their family together. They are deeply concerned about her health and her future, and they are desperate for help.

Shamah and her family need your help. They need donations to cover the costs of her medical care and give her a chance to recover and thrive. Every dollar you give will go directly towards paying for hospital stays, medications, and other treatments that Shamah needs. It will also help the family pay off their debts and avoid losing everything they have worked for.

"She doesn't need anything in this life only a good health."

Please consider making a donation to help Shamah and her family through this difficult time and give her the chance she deserves to live a healthy and happy life.