Ali Al Shadad

Age :

4 Months Old

Condition :

Heart Condition

Location :

🇾🇪 Yemen

Meet Ali Al Shadad, a four-month-old baby boy from Yemen who is suffering from malnutrition and heart disease. His father, Mohammed Ahmed Al Shadad, is a worker who earns a meager income of only 4000-5000 Riyals per month. Mohammed has four daughters and three sons, and his life is a constant struggle to provide for his family.

Ali's condition requires urgent surgery, which costs 2 million Riyals. The family has already done the necessary x-rays and check-ups, and the doctors have recommended surgery as the first phase of treatment. However, due to their financial situation, the family cannot afford the surgery, and Ali's life is at risk.

Mohammed has tried his best to find donors to help pay for the surgery, but he has been unable to raise the required funds. He has even sold all his gas containers, a ring, and other items to pay for Ali's medical expenses, but it's not enough. The family's situation is dire, and they have accumulated debts of over 2 million Riyals.

Mohammed's other son also suffers from brain atrophy, making life even more challenging for the family. They live in a ruined house without electricity, mattresses, or even basic necessities like gas containers. The family's main source of food is half a sack of wheat, which is used to make bread, and sometimes, they don't even have dinner.

Your donation can make a significant impact on Ali's life. Your contribution can help pay for the surgery he urgently needs to survive. Your donation can also provide the family with basic necessities and alleviate their financial burden.

Please donate generously to save Ali's life and give him the chance to live a healthy life. Your donation can bring hope to this family and change their lives forever.