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What is Zakat?

Zakat is a pillar of Islam designed to purify wealth by supporting those in need. It's an obligatory act that each financially able Muslim must perform annually, contributing a specific portion of their wealth to charitable causes.

Calculate your Zakat

Use our Zakat calculator to easily determine your Zakat obligation. By entering information about your assets, such as money in savings, investments, gold, and silver, you can calculate the amount of Zakat you owe, ensuring you fulfill your duty accurately.

Calculate your zakat

The Power of Your Zakat

Your Zakat has the potential to bring about significant change. It provides essential support to the most vulnerable members of our community, including the poor, the sick, and those in dire need of education and basic services.

Direct Relief: Immediate assistance for those in urgent need.
Sustainable Development: Long-term projects that empower communities.
Emergency Aid: Rapid response to natural disasters and crises.

How to Give

Online: A quick and secure way to fulfill your Zakat.
Bank Transfer: Directly deposit your Zakat to our designated account.
In-Person: (available soon)

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