Nourish Gaza: Ramadan Meals for Hope

Bringing Light to Gaza During Ramadan

The Essence of Ramadan in Gaza

In the heart of Gaza, amidst ongoing challenges, Ramadan brings a time of reflection, community, and spiritual renewal. However, the joy of breaking fast together is a distant dream for many. Nourish Gaza aims to transform this reality by ensuring every family can gather around a meal at sunset.

A Month of Compassion and Giving

Ramadan is more than fasting; it's a time of generosity and giving back. Nourish Gaza embodies this spirit, offering you the chance to partake in the blessings of this holy month by feeding those in need.


Families fed, demonstrating the reach and impact of our collective effort


Meals distributed each day in Gaza

1 in 4

children in Gaza faces hunger daily.

The Impact of Your Support

Over 50,000 Meals Delivered

Thanks to your contributions, we managed to bring smiles and relief to thousands, one meal at a time. This Ramadan, with your help, we can reach even more families.

Why Every Meal Matters

Gaza's situation remains precarious, with limited access to essential resources. Your donation provides more than a meal; it brings hope, support, and a sense of community during the most sacred time of the year.

How You Can Help

Donate Now

Your generosity can light up Ramadan for a family in Gaza. Every dollar contributes to nutritious meals for those who need them most.

Spread the Word

Share our mission with your friends and family. Together, we can make a significant impact.

Share Your Blessings This Ramadan